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Training and certification services on the best IT Management practices.

The majority of training programmes and plans are exclusively designed to satisfy the short-term needs of organisations and teams. In an environment which is a dynamic and uncertain as at present, at Netmind we believe that all training initiatives must be offered to respond to the strategic challenges facing IT teams and departments. In this sense, we are committed to designing training activities, programmes, plans and catalogues, which beyond responding to the short-term needs of IT teams, serve to make their improvement and transformation projects and initiatives into reality.

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Training courses and programmes specifically designed for the needs, objectives and characteristics of ICT teams achieve a greater impact and return on investment. Through our service of designing training courses and programmes on IT Management best practices, ranging from the analysis of objectives justifying the project to undertaking participative workshops to define the profile of students and/or the content and training activities, we streamline the transfer of knowledge to the workplace, generating dynamics which create culture and improving the motivation of teams.
To optimize the developing process of media courses, in Netmind we have created The Course Design Canvas, a template for the design of new courses, inspired in the Business Model Canvas. This template allows us to visualize and share in a single sheet everything that is needed for the teaching. This includes a student profile, prerequisites, contents, learning objectives, pre-course activities, practical activities, resources and post-course activities.
To undertake any strategic or change initiative, it is essential to have teams prepared to make it possible. At Netmind we help organisations and IT departments to design and implement new talent management and development models, which allow them to guarantee that their teams and professionals will have the necessary profiles and skills to carry out the change strategies and initiatives associated with digital transformation processes or the adoption of new organisational models.
One of the main objectives of training departments or IT departments should be to help the professionals of their organisation to identify their own training needs or those of their team. Having a training catalogue made up of courses and other training resources, relating each with development plans, profiles, knowledge areas and/or defined skills is an essential tool for being able to carry out an agile and effective analysis of needs. At Netmind we can help you to design a full training catalogue which will respond to the needs of your ICT teams.


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Services for developing the talent of IT teams and making your strategy a reality.
Having committed and motivated teams, with the necessary profile and skills for successfully implementing the digital strategy of the organisation should be an essential objective of all ICT teams. To achieve this, at Netmind we help IT departments to design and implement new talent management and development models, defining ICT profiles which must be present on their teams, identifying necessary skills for effectively exercising each one of the defined profiles, as well as evaluating whether their professionals have the necessary skills for performing effectively in their job post.

Success Stories:
To respond to the growing and changing needs of current ICT organisations in terms of talent, their training strategies must be based on models in which their professionals are committed to their self-development. In this sense, at Netmind we help our clients to design and implement new strategies and training models which involve their teams, encouraging the exchange of knowledge and experiences, and taking advantage of the numerous training resources available within the organisation or its environment.
Training plans are usually designet taking into account the analysis of needs taken from “gaps” or opportunities for development detected during the year. In this way, they are usually based on operational needs associated with performance in the job post, leaving aside needs related with the strategy or future projects of the organisation. At Netmind we will help you to design a strategic training plan for your IT teams which will respond to the need for development of talent associated with the strategic initiatives of your organisation.
Professionals minly learn through experience and communication with colleagues and managers. Only 10% of what we learn is from training courses or programmes. In this sense, organisations are facing the challengue of how to promote and encourage this informal learning. To achieve this, at Netmind we help ICT teams to create and bolster learning communities, allowing them to share experiences, practice and/or interest in new ICT management models, becoming true collaborative learning environments.
One of the main challenges facing ICT teams is having professionals with the necessary profile and skills to undertake their initiatives, projects and services. To achieve this, beyond having well defined professional profiles in the organisation, it is essential to identify the key skills for each of them. At Netmind we help organisations to redefine and design the professional profiles and skills of their ICT teams, based on standards such as the e-Competence Framework.


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Services for promoting powerful cultural and organisational changes on IT teams.
Peter Drucker stated that “culture eats strategy for breakfast”, in other words, that it is impossible to implement a new strategy if the organisation is not prepared to assume and manage the changes that this will involve. Changing the culture of an organisation or team is a difficult task which requires planning, leadership and a lot of perseverance. At Netmind, we collaborate with our clients on the design and execution of initiatives which allow powerful and lasting cultural and organisational changes to be developed on ICT teams.

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Any change initiative must be planned and managed efficiently. At Netmind we have designed a Change Management Methodology (Go-Be-Do®) so that organisations can implement powerful cultural changes which last over time. Our methodology is based on Kotter’s principles, encompassing the best practices of standards such as CMBok (Change Management Body of Knowledge) and incorporates tools proven to be effective such as Gamification and Learning Communities.
To make the strategy of any IT department a reality, it is essential to have professionals with the necessary profiles, skills and motivation, organised appropriately, and with clear, shared objectives. At Netmind we help IT teams to transform their organisational models, putting individuals at the centre of the process. To do so, we manage transformation projects in an open and collaborative way, encouraging the team to get involved and lead the change process.
Games are inherent to human beings. Almost without us realising it, they capture our attention and encourage us to become involved in their dynamic. They allow us to put our knowledge and skills into practice in a safe environment, where we know that errors will not be judged and where, in one way or another, we feel encouraged to give the best of ourselves, because we are only playing. At Netmind we use gamification as a powerful tool for learning and motivation of ICT teams, regularly including it in our training or cultural change management projects.
In order to answer quickly and effectively to the growing formation needs for the IT professionals -which is implicit in the digital transformation-, it is essential for the IT organizations to invest in educational models that allow a new learning culture. Taking as a reference the Twitter model for the training of their engineer teams, in Netmind we have designed Technical University, a model of Corporative University for companies and IT areas, based in an innovative peer learning system that includes individuals and learning communities.


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Services for helping ICT teams to optimise and streamline their management models.
All organisations and IT teams are or should be immersed in processes of review and improvement for their management models to streamline and maximise the delivery of value to their clients. From our point of view, to guarantee that these initiatives are carried out with a full guarantee of success, it is very important for them to be led by the teams themselves, adapting them to their reality and significantly reducing their resistance to change. At Netmind we help ICT teams to define, implement and manage participative processes of continuous improvement of management models.

Success Stories:

With the objective of maximising the impact of IT management training that we provide, and thereby optimise the return on investment made by our clients, at Netmind we have designed an expert training and mentoring service whose objective is to help ICT teams to adopt the best practices addressed in training. Upon completion of the course, we carry out work sessions with students to analyse the situation of their organisation, and define an action plan that will allow them to adopt the best practices shown in an agile, autonomous and effective manner.
Many clients expressed their frustration with the lack of impact and involvement of their team in the external consulting services contracted to improve their IT management models. In our view, to be able to successfully face a project or continuous improvement of management models, it is essential for these to involve and be led by the IT teams themselves. In the collaborative improvement and maturity workshops, our experts act as facilitators, helping ICT teams to autonomously identify improvement actions for their own management models.
To guarantee the success of IT management model improvement initiatives, it is essential for them to have the support of management, involve teams, yield short-term results, and be sustainable over time. At Netmind we help our clients to encourage, create and streamline internal continual improvement teams, who lead the identification and implementation of improvement actions in the IT management models, giving continuity to the process, and becoming teams which truly promote change, allowing IT departments and services to streamline and maximise the delivery of value.
To successfully tackle any IT management model improvement project in large organisations, it is essential to have well identified objectives, have a plan for adoption, have the support of management, and in our view, involve the teams themselves in the definition and implementation of the improvement initiatives to develop. Only in this way will we be able to guarantee that they fully adapt to their reality and streamline their adoption. To achieve this, we help IT organisations to promote, manage and execute transformation projects for their management models, led by their own teams, in which objectives and actions for improvement are shared by all.