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We reopen our doors for Agile Barcelona Open Space


Once again, Netmind is opening its doors to hold an Agile Open Space, organised by Agile Barcelona.


For anyone who has never attended an Open Space format event, it is an “unconference”, a set of talks given by the attendees of the event, so that everyone at once becomes “producer” and “consumer” of the content in question. There is no set agenda, as it is created collaboratively at the start of the event. It is a different format which may seem innovative, but which was designed over 30 years ago. Since then, it is calculated that over 100,000 Open Spaces have been organised worldwide.


Miquel Rodriguez explains the concept more extensively in a previous article: Most common agenda format in an Open Space, why hold an Open Space in your company, etc.


However, experiencing an Open Space is very different to reading the explantion of an Open Space! If you have never experienced it, we recommend that you do so.


Where is it held?

Once again, at Netmind we open our installations in Calle Almogàvers 123, in Barcelona to hold this great event.


How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing! All activities of the community are non-profit, totally free. The only thing you will need is the will to learn, share experiences and have a good time!


When is it?

The event will last all day on Saturday the 21st of October, from 9:30 to 18:00.


This Saturday is your opportunity – take it and share it!

The OpenClass format was a great substitute for a real class and actually had additional benefits as it allowed my whole team to take a class together, something that would not have been possible otherwise. Thanks for the great class

Andrew Hines. Fujitsu
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