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We are increasing the Partner level, becoming Silver Partners of Scaled Agile™

We are increasing the Partner level, becoming Silver Partners of Scaled Agile™

We have big news to share!

Since March 2018, in Netmind we have increased our Partner Level in Scaled Agile™, the worldwide leader framework for agile business, becoming now Silver Partner.


Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) is a knowledge basis to implement agile practices in big organizations. SAFe® presents, in a graphic way, the roles, teams, activities and tools that are essential to escalate the application of agile practices from one team to the management of programmes, and from the programme management to the organization as a whole. This model of agile adoption and transformation of organizations has been designed by Dean Leffingwell, based on his books “Agile Software Requirements:  Lean Requirements for Teams Programs and the Enterprise” and “Scaling Software Agility: Best Practices for Large Enterprise”. This model has been successfully implemented in big organization around the world.



We are increasing the Partner level, becoming Silver Partners of Scaled Agile™ 0


In April 2013 we became the first accredited company to act as a consultant and to train organizations to adopt SAFe® in Spanish language.

In May 2016, we got accredited as official partners of Scaled Agile, creators of SAFe®, hence becoming the first Spanish company to achieve this certification.



Currently we can celebrate that we have been upgraded to Silver Partners! You can already find us in the official website of SAFE.

During 2017 we have been working in Spain, Switzerland and the United States, and our current objective is to expand our market to Latin America and further in Europe and the United States. Now we dispose of 3 SPCs (SAFe Program Consultant) and our goal for the end of the year is to achieve 5 SPCs.


In addition, now you are able to see our courses and events int he official calendar of the SAFE website!


It is a true pleasure to collaborate with Netmind. They quickly and efficiently send us all the information, which is clear and concise. It is a pleasure to work with you, you are up to date with the latest innovations to offer constant improvement in your training services. Our experience with you has been 10 out of 10.

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