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Netmind will host a meeting to develop the new version of the e-CF Framework


Great news!

On 12th and 13th of June, Netmind  Barcelona will host a meeting with the work team that is developing the new version of the e-CF Frameworkand in which Aleix Palau, CCO of Netmind, as a guest Expert.


What is the e-CF Framework?

It is the European Competence Framework in the field of Information and Communication Tecnologies (ICT), it uses a common language for competences, skills, knowledge and levels of competence that can be understood throughout Europe.



The e-CF Framework is one of the components of the e-Skills strategy of the 21st century supported by the European Commission and the Council of Ministers of the European Union.



In 2016, the e-CF Framework became a European standard and was officially published as the European Standard EN 16234-1.

Aleix Palau, in behalf of Netmind and user of the European ICT Professional Profiles, has already participated in other occasions in the revision of the e-CF Framework .


The past May 2017 Aleix travelled to Rome  and in January of 2018 en Enero de 2018 to Brussels, in both occasions to assist as a guest expert, to a work session to review the professional profiles included in the European ICT Professional Profiles, within the framework of the future update of the e-CF Framework (e-CF).


These meetings were attended by different types of organizations that use the European ICT Professional Profiles as a frame of reference for the definition of professional profiles, from public administrations and large corporations, to professional associations, training centers and Human Resources consultants.



The objective pursued by European ICT Professional Profiles is to become a common long-term reference for the development, planning and management of ICT professionals in Europe.


In Netmind we use the e-CF Framework and the European ICT Professional Profiles  as a frameworks for our services as a differentiating feature.


The roles have been designed as a flexible tool for the construction of professional profiles in the ICT sector, with the intention that they serve as the basis and inspiration for the creation of profiles adjusted to the specific needs of each organization, as well as to facilitate the implementation of the competences of e-CF for the management and development of ICT equipment talent.



Therefore, the next sessions on 12th and 13th of June have as a main objective to present and to debate the new version of the e-CF Frameworkwith the multisectorial Europe community of the ICT, and Netmind will have the pleasure to host the event in this occasion.


You can consult more information about the European e-CF Framework in the official website and in previous articles here at Netmind.


Stay tuned to our channels, we will continue giving more information about the event!


One of the factors that we value most about our experience with Netmind is the combination of the knowledge and teaching of a trainer with the experience of real projects in which they have participated as a consultant.

Manel Navarro. KAO Corporation
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