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Miquel Rodríguez will attend the PMI® EMEA Congress as a Speaker


As we were announcing in our social mediaSanti Alcaide will attend as a speaker the PMI® EMEA Congress 2018, 7th to 9th of May, in Berlin. But that is not all! We have the great news of knowing that Miquel Rodríguez, Consulting and Agile Director in Netmind, will also attend the congress and will participate in the session with Santi.


The workshop that will train Miquel and Santi in the PMI® EMEA Congress, has as a title “Escape from Earth! A Project Management Board Gameand will be during May 8th from 9am to 12pm in Belin, Germany.


The workshop, we will play the game Possible Mission: Escape from Earth, that we have in the training catalog in Netmind.



The PMI® EMEA Congress 2018 has as an objective to bring the concept, the habilities and behaviours that are needed to make the difference, so the motto of the event is “Calling All Difference-Makers”.

Accordingly to statistical data from last EMEA Congress en 2017 we can see which companies participated and what position had the assistants:



The industries that were more represented were:

  • Information
  • Technology
  • Automobile
  • Consulting
  • Government
  • Financial services
  • Telecomunications
  • Educational


For further information on this event, consult the official page of PMI® EMEA Congress and follow us, we will keep giving news during the whole event!

Netmind is our specialised IT training partner. They have true experts who have mastered the latest trends in working methodologies and organisation of IT teams. For us they are a point of reference in this aspect.

Rafael Calvo Torrejón. ANECA
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