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Kick Off 2018! #AlwaysLearning

Kick Off 2018! #AlwaysLearning

As we told you in our social media, the first weeks of 2018 started in a really special way for the Netmind Group… On the 11th and 12th of January we had our annual Kick Off 2018 session in the headquarters in Barcelona.

The day started wonderfully, and the whole day was full of our Open Space and our “Netmind Always Learning” philosophy.



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Kick Off 2018! #AlwaysLearning 1


How did we do the Open Space, also known as the “unconference”?

With the support and guide of our trainers, Miquel Rodriguez and Alfred Maesowe prepared together our own schedule for the event. For example, the attendees themselves gave the talks and workshops, so everybody was the at the same time the host of the event and the guest!


Kick Off 2018! #AlwaysLearning 2


Kick Off 2018! #AlwaysLearning 3


The schedule of the day resulted a set of diverse themes:

  • Agile before Agile
  • Management 3.0
  • What’s the Company Architecture for?
  • The new Netmind Campus
  • Training from the back of the room

And many other themes!


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Kick Off 2018! #AlwaysLearning 5


All of the talks were really interesting!

Everyone wanted to slipt up to attend more than one talk at the same time!


Kick Off 2018! #AlwaysLearning 6


Kick Off 2018! #AlwaysLearning 7


We finished our first day of the Kick Off meeting glad of the hard work. We could plan, restructure and align new objectives and ideas for this new 2018.

The next day, we went to an outdoor activity in a mountain environment in what is known as the Vertical Forest in Mataró. There, we could go wild and live the exciting feeling of exploring the top of the trees. In the different areas (for all ages!) we released our adrenaline and, at the same time, got the excitement in our bodies. We are ready for this new year full of goals and projects!


Kick Off 2018! #AlwaysLearning 8


Kick Off 2018! #AlwaysLearning 9


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Kick Off 2018! #AlwaysLearning 11


The day followed with a mouth-watering meal by the vertical forest, where the main dish was the traditional calçots!

It is not the first time for Netmind to organize this Kick Off to work in our team building, create synergies inside house and, most important, live the experience #AlwaysLearning. We have experience in Open Space meetings, since we have organized several for our own company as well as in cooperation with Agile Barcelona (Agile Spain Community). And lately we have been starting these kind of meetings with clients such as BBVA.

In conclusion, we had some amazing time and we could learn a lot. But, most important, the experience was gratifying and we are sure that we will work in a great team this 2018.

We recommend you to try it!


We have worked with Netmind for over 7 years, and each day they show us that they are excellent professionals in training, with a great work team.

Loli Valcarreras. Informació i Tecnologia de Catalunya (ITC)
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