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In Netmind, we have combined Desing thinking & Visual Thinking


Last week, Miquel Rodriguez gave the course Design Thinking. Developing Innovative Products and  Services, in Netmind Barcelona.

Thanks to the information given in the course by Miquel, the assistants to the course acquired knowledge to:

  • To incorporate the Design Thinking process in their operations, identifying the business areas where this approach adds more value
  • To differentiate the different Design Thinking reference frameworks and to apply the most suitable one based on specific needs.
  • To effectively use the most usual Design Thinking tools (ideation, interviews, journey, telescoping, crazy 8, bodystorming, empathy map, rapid prototype, concept maps, user persona…)
  • To apply Design Thinking in the design of new business models
  • To create new value products and services
  • To improve the user experience to retain and gain customer loyalty



Additionally, and as we announced on our social media, Andy Baraja has joined the Netmind team as a Visual Thinker and Graphic Facilitator to contribute to the graphic part and to give visual support.

And, what better opportunity to merge these two wonders?

Andy Baraja has given her first steps in Netmind making the graphic support during the Desing Thinking training, and the result has been spectacular, judge by yourself!






Netmind is a point of reference for training on Microsoft technology. At Indra, technical training is essential for our professionals, and having a provider with the level of commitment and service of Netmind is a guarantee of success.

Eva Mora and Sandra Aylagas. Indra
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