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CAS 2017 Alfred Maeso – Business Analysis: Superpowers for the Product Owner


On the 9th and 10th of November, Alfred Maeso had the pride and pleasure of attending his first CAS (Conferencia Agile Spain), in Seville. These were two intense days of interesting talks and workshops on the state of Agile in our country, where Alfred participated by giving the talk “Business Analysis: Superpowers for the Product Owner”.



In this talk, our Lead Expert Alfred Maeso, presented the function of Business Analysis as essential, also in Agile (even especially in Agile), for achieving solutions which bring value to the business, responding to its needs. The Product Owner is the most important role within an agile team for achieving this objective, and therefore they must have and know how to use the “superpowers” that Business Analysis provides.



The first part of the presentation was focused on describing the importance of Business Analysis and some keys to understanding how to undertake it in agile environments.

Business Analysis, according to the BABOK Guide (IIBA) is defined as “the practice of making change possible in an organisation, defining needs and recommending solutions which deliver value to interested parties“.  The superpowers offered are the knowledge, techniques and skills necessary for developing this practice, which must be adapted based on the environment or context in which we are working, for example, if we are working in agile environments.



He highlighted that in agile, this practice must be carried out under the JUST IN TIME analysis criteria. That is, reaching the necessary level of detail when necessary, not before. Therefore, to achieve the appropriate level of detail, an analyst must use analysis techniques which go beyond defining User Stories (models, diagrams, prototypes, etc.).

He ended this first section by discussing who must carry out business analysis in agile projects, highlighting that it is a function which, at different levels, must be carried out by both the Product Owner and the development team.

The second part of the talk was specifically focused on the figure of the Product Owner who, on agile teams, is the main party responsible for ensuring that the solution responds to the business need, and therefore, that it provides the expected value to the business.

Some key ideas that Alfred tried to communicate during the talk were the following:

  • Business Analysis is as or more important in Agile
  • Agile BA is not only writing User Stories
  • The Product Owner is in fact a business analyst, but not all BAs are Product Owners
  • The more business analyst experience, the better the Product Owner


Here you can enjoy the talk again – don’t miss out!




We also offer you the whole presentation on SlideShare!



Thanks to everyone for the great interest generated by the talk and for all the feedback received!





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Fernando Ramon Perez-Chao. Insa
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