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Building and learning at the same time, with LEGO® Serious Play®

Building and learning at the same time, with LEGO® Serious Play®

Surely you have read the title of this news and think that it is a children’s game, little related to the business world.

But no! Let’s put ourselves in context…

LEGO® Serious Play®  emerged in the mid-1990s as an idea to introduce the use of LEGO® for business and education environments.

LEGO® Serious Play® is a technique to facilitate reflection, communication and problem solving that can be used by organizations, work teams and anyone in general. This method is useful, at the level of organizations, when we want to get the involvement and participation of different parties in decision making, and when we are in a complex context in which good decisions require commitment and adaptability.


Building and learning at the same time, with LEGO® Serious Play® 0


In Netmind we incorporate the LSP workshops in our catalog of services. In all the sessions we have done we have been able to discover many of the benefits offered by LSP.

  • It’s a game: LSP is based on building with LEGO® pieces. It uses, therefore, a common language that everyone understands and can use. It does not even require building skills, but knowing how to fit the pieces.
  • The 100-100 rule: Have you never attended endless meetings where decisions are finally made by a few VIP assistants? What we intend using this method is to enable 100% of the attendees to participate 100% of the time. All attendees have the same weight and the same level of involvement in the meeting. That gets more perspectives, and results in greater confidence and commitment.
  • Think with your hands “If you do not know what to build, build”. Under this simple rule, it is possible for non-conscious knowledge to emerge. The visualization of physical objects in 3D, together with the use of metaphors and stories to represent difficult concepts to imagine and express, allows us to reflect on them and makes the learning process faster and more complete.
  • Structured process: LEGO® construction is not improvised in LSP, but follows a complete structure based on a central process and different application activities (of progressive difficulty). The focus is always to start from the individual vision, to then share it with the group. This structure, together with good facilitation, allows attendees to quickly connect with the objectives to be achieved and reach conclusions.
  • Adaptation: Specially oriented to find non-obvious solutions to problems that require the participation of different visions and perspectives. LSP seeks adaptation to complex and changing environments (systems). The focus therefore is not to predict, but to pay attention.


At Netmind we are convinced of the excellence of the LSP method.

For all these reasons, we already have a date for new sessions of LEGO® Serious Play®!

The sessions will take place:

  • On June 26 in Barcelona.
  • On July 6 in Madrid.
  • On July 13 in Bilbao.

In these sessions the participants will be able to experience the power of the LSP method in the first person and for four hours, how to get to think faster and more creatively, building with LEGO pieces in a participative and game environment.

We will tell you everything as always, through our channels!

Listening, understanding, and providing their experience and professionalism is what differentiates the adequacy of Netmind training solutions.

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