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Answering the FAQs about the PMP version change

Answering the FAQs about the PMP version change

Thanks to our students we have been able to identify which are the most frequently asked questions about the change of version in PMP. From Netmind, we are happy to answer all these questions that are coming up. In order to be loyal to our main motto, #AlwaysLearning, we have written a Check List to clear up doubt.



  1. When is it going to be the first exam with the new version?


According to the official PMI website, the first exam of the new version will be on March 26th. For further information about this matter you can click here.


  1. Can Netmind provide the exam date?


No. In order to apply for the exam, you have fill the form in the website:

Answering the FAQs about the PMP version change 0

This information will be given when the fees of the exam are paid, and PMI admits every student. Immediately after that you will receive a personal e-mail with this information.


  1. How can I know the available exam dates?


You can look up the dates directly through the website of Prometric (selecting the center of Madrid or Barcelona) and clicking in “Availability”


Answering the FAQs about the PMP version change 1


  1. What information must I include during the registration? Advice for the registration process.


  • There is a 550 character limit in the area PMI leaves for writing the description of the different projects required to prove your experience.


  • It is recommended write your credentials accordingly the PMBOK standards. You should describe the deliverables in process groups, making reference to those concerned and the sponsors. In addition, you should define the characteristics of your role int he project and your fulfilled work.


  • This is a list of terms associated with the 5 processes, in order to use it as a reference while describing your projects:
Initiating Develop project charter; Identify risks, assumptions and constraints; Identify stakeholders, Define high-level scope; Perform project assessment
Planning Present project plan to stakeholders; Develop project schedule, budget, and other management plans; Develop WBS; Define scope; Prepare project plans
Executing Communicate with stakeholders; Implement approved changes; Execute task sdefined in the project plan; Obtain and manage resources
Monitoring & Controlling Assess results of corrective action; Ensure quality standards are met; Manage changes to scope, schedule, and budget; Measure project performance
Closing Archive documents; Measure customer satisfaction; Obtain administrative closure; Document lessons learned; Obtain final acceptance of deliverables.



  1. In the application for the certification, is it possible to register projects in Spanish?


From our experience, Netmind recommends filling out the applicatiton in English.


  1. If they audit me, will the audit be in English?


The communication is written and in English. Usually, there is no oral communication, and in the case it would be necessary, PMI has staff that speak Spanish. The process of the audit is basically filling out a set of documents, signing them and sending through regular mail. They do not accept scanned documents nor PDFs. Anyway, the communication that PMI refers to the audit applicants is very clear.


  1. I’ve already received the confirmation of Prometric with the exam date, but I still see “Time to Schedule your exam” in my PMI profile. Does it mean I forgot something during exam application?


Answering the FAQs about the PMP version change 2


When you receive the confirmation e-mail from Prometric indicating everything is correct, the exam date will not be uploaded in your PMI profile. The dates that appear on your profile are the dates from the application that was approved until it expires (a year).


Answering the FAQs about the PMP version change 3



We hope that with this Check List you will have a clearer idea of the application process. Anyway, if you have further questions, do not doubt to contact us!



Netmind is our specialised IT training partner. They have true experts who have mastered the latest trends in working methodologies and organisation of IT teams. For us they are a point of reference in this aspect.

Rafael Calvo Torrejón. ANECA
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