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All Day DevOps, 24h of training about DevOps

All Day DevOps, 24h of training about DevOps

As you know, the philosophy of the Netmind team is based on the slogan #AlwaysLearning. For this reason, we are up-to-date on new products and services, events, meetups, bibliography, videos and all valuable content that can provide us with new visions, experiences and knowledge.


In this case we have decided to participate in the third edition of #AllDayDevOps organized by Sonatype since 2016, scheduled to take place on October 17th this year. The event offers online and free 24 hours of training on DevOps, presenting the following numbers in sessions, speakers, countries, tracks and viewing parties:


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Netmind will participate this year in the viewing parties, and for 2019 we hope to add some of our Lead Experts as speakers.

The viewing parties are private or public team meetings in which to view together the different online sessions and share personal or professional experiences on the topics. This will allow us all to grow and apply the principle number 5 of DevOps according to DASA (DevOps Agile Skills Association) – Continuous improvement.

On this occasion, and due to the time difference, the viewing party will be private and we will organize it in the venues of Madrid and Barcelona so that all employees can learn together.

At the moment we have received all the “merchandising” of the event (shirts, stickers, pens, …).


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As we do not want you to miss it, we invite you to sign up through the following link.

Of course, we will give you more information as the event approaches, we will share everything that we consider interesting and useful through our social networks.

The most difficult thing will be to choose which chat we want to see, fortunately they will all be available later on demand so that we can enjoy them in full.



Over the course of all our years of collaboration, they have shown themselves to be excellent professionals, and more impotantly, excellent people.

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