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Scaled Agile Framework publishes the new version 4.5

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Miquel Rodríguez | 09/01/18

This week version 4.5 of the Scaled Agile Framework was published. Since its launch in 2011, SAFe has been renewed each year. Continuous improvement is in its DNA. Being a base of technical knowledge, patterns and models which have successfully functioned in the construction of software in Lean-Agile environments, it is fully logical that the content is regularly updated.


What we call the “Big Picture”, the photo of the framework, is what has been renewed as version 4.5. However, the more detailed content, articles, references and descriptions are continuously renewed. In this way, version 4.5 is fully compatible with version 4.0, published in February 2016.


Scaled Agile Framework publishes the new version 4.5 0


In version 4.5 we can select the configuration of the framework in 4 different formats:

  • Full SAFe. For large organisations which may require all the content.
  • Portfolio SAFe. For organisations which construct various products with little relationship between each, and which require a level of governance and strategy for portfolio management.
  • Large Solution. For organisations which construct a complex product, which requires various ARTs, but which do not include portfolio management.
  • Essential SAFe. For companies which require a starting point in the implementation of SAFe, including the most basic elements to make the most of the framework.


I particularly like the inclusion of Essential SAFe. Since the publication of an article on its blog suggesting a SAFe “MVP” in February 2016, I have used it with our clients as a guide for starting. Now this subset forms part of the framework as a base configuration.


Scaled Agile Framework publishes the new version 4.5 1


The rest of the improvements of this version are based on the inclusion of Lean Start Up and Lean UX, Scalable DevOps & Continuous Delivery, and the integration of articles on the implementation Roadmap which has been published in the last few months.


As a SAFe Program Consultant, and as Scaled Agile Partners, at Netmind we have had previous access to the materials of this version before publication. Our official courses from now on will be based on version 4.5. The next course of Implementing SAFe, planned for the 3rd of July, will be the first taught with this new version in Spain.


You can consult all the new elements of version 4.5 in more detail on the Scaled Agile blog, and you can also sign up for this free webinar which will be given by Dean Leffingwell on the 11th of July.


Finally, here are the links to the SAFe courses and the SPC course.

Miquel Rodríguez

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