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New infographic related to the 2017 update of PRINCE2®

Netmind - New infographic related to the 2017 update of PRINCE2®    Graphics |
Alfred Maeso | 02/02/18

In 2017 AXELOS announced anupdate of PRINCE2, the first since 2009. We previously explained its main changes in an article of our Knowledge Center.

We are now publishing a new infographic related to the update of PRINCE2, while we work on the update of content for the new version.

Like everytime we create an infographic, our objectives are to create a summarized but complete version of the concept or framework to represent. We also like to allow different levels of lecture and use of the infographic. First, a high level vision to locate the represented framework.l But also a higer level of detail that allows the advanced user to obtain a greater level of information so they can use it as a formative and studying tool.

The infographic of the 2017 update of PRINCE2 keeps a circular scheme of AXELOS of the three elements that constitute PRINCE2 (principles, themes and processes). Moreover, it incorporates detailed information of every element. It also includes all the management products, showing the process in which they are generated and the kind of product (baseline, record or report).

At last, we would like to comment that the infographic is only available in Enslish, waiting for AXELOS to announce the releasing dates for the Spanish translation of the new version. We would like to remind our Spanish users that until it is available the new version in Spanish, the current version available to certify is the one from 2009.



Download the infographic PRINCE2-V10_2017


New infographic related to the 2017 update of PRINCE2® 0

Alfred Maeso

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