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Infographics of the process map PMBOK 6th Edition

Netmind - Infographics of the process map PMBOK 6th Edition    Article | PMBOK®SubArea
Ana Aranda | 25/02/19

The infographic is the best means to explain in a clear, visual and synthetic way a series of concepts, facts or complex data. It is a graphic representation, that everyone can understand at a glance.


In short, an infographic is a means to reach a larger audience more quickly and directly.


Evidently it is an incredibly useful communication tool since the data contained in it are processed by the human eye much faster than purely textual information. Our brain has a greater facility when it comes to understanding and remembering a graphic representation than a textual or oral one.



90% of the information that passes through our brain is visual.

Human beings process a visual element 60,000 times faster than when we read the same idea in a text.


These are the reasons why in Netmind we give so much importance to this resource when it comes to facilitating learning for our students.


In a previous article we presented the infographics corresponding MAP OF PROCESSES of PMBOK 6th Edition in Spanish, now, before the end of the year, and before the demand of PMP preparation courses in English, we have the pleasure of presenting the translated infographics to this language.


They are at your disposal, anyone, whether or not a client, can download them completely free of charge from our website.


What infographics are available?


  • On the one hand we have a Global infographic that contains the 49 processes of PMBOK 6th Edition distributed by Process Groups and by Knowledge Areas and


  • also you will find the Individual infographics with the processes of each of the 10 Knowledge Areas.


In each infographics we have highlighted the most important outputs of each process.


We hope this information will help you in your training.


Good luck!


Infographics of the process map PMBOK 6th Edition 0




Ana Aranda

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