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AgileBA – Business analyst in agile environments

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Miquel Rodríguez | 09/01/18

Last week Alfred Maeso wrote a great article “Is the Product Owner a Business Analyst?”, where he analysed the role and responsibilities of the Product Owner and other members of the Scrum team, from queries which students on his Business Analysis courses often ask.


This week both Alfred and I were accredited as APMG Trainers for the official AgileBA certification. Behind this certification is the Agile Business Consortium, previously known as the DSDM Consortium. It was one of the first institutions in the world to create an agile framework, years before the creation of the Agile Manifesto in 2001. In fact, Arie Van Bennekum represented the DSDM, being one of the 17 signatories of the Manifesto. After a change of name a few years ago, this work is now called the Agile Project Framework.


Aligned with the AgilePM framework, the AgileBA certification goes beyond the role of analyst of a Product Owner in Scrum. In the training, aspects to be taken into account by anyone undertaking the role of business analyst in an agile environment are covered. From understanding of the business environment, mission, objectives, strategy, tactics, to techniques such as PESTLE analysis, the 5 Porter forces, MOST, SWOT and TOWS analyses, Kano matrix, Lean Thinking, User Stories, Lean Canvas, and MoSCoW – a broad range of techniques which must be in the toolbox of a good Business Analyst, whether a Product Owner or other role, within an agile project or team.


The proper management of requirements, refinement of the backlog, facilitation of workshops, relationship with the team and other stakeholders are all concepts, in addition to the aforementioned techniques, which are covered during the official AgileBA Foundation and Practitioner training, associated with the respective APMG certifications.


The content is comprehensive for those who wish to improve their skills as Product Owners in an agile environment.


Finally, here are links to the AgilePM and AgileBA courses, where you will be able to find more information.


AgileBA – Business analyst in agile environments 0

Miquel Rodríguez

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