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Advanced Management of IT Projects

Advanced Management of IT Projects

This course has been designed for managers and project leaders seeking specific improvements in each of the areas in which they carry out project management. The course, following the structure of groups of processes and knowledge areas of the PMBOK® Guide, combines the best practices of this body of knowledge with the contributions of the best methodologies in project management, which have led them to be recognised and unquestioned at a global level.


Upon completion of the course, students will:

  • Improve work and documentation prior to the creation of the project.
  • Distinguish, and thereby improve, the two main blocks of planning in all projects.
  • Better understand the mechanisms involved in making estimations and presenting budgets.
  • Make improvements to the tasks of monitoring and control of budgets, as well as the presentation of project situation reports.
  • Understand quality in the project as being substantial and inseparable in all products.
  • Apply a global approach to the planning and management of risks.
  • Improve the documentation and use of closure of projects.

Student profile

Managers or project leaders with formal experience and knowledge of project management, managers of technical or project offices, and in general any professional related with project management seeking ot improve their performance.


It is necessary for attendees to have completed the course “JJM 100 – IT Project Management”, or have equivalent knowledge.



We have a team of highly qualified instructors who combine the training activity with their professional activity as experts in the field of ICT. They are professionals certified by the main manufacturers of the sector, capable of conveying the most abstract technical concepts in an enjoyable and understandable way. In the official PMI courses, all trainers have the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification.


To take the course, students will receive documentation created by netmind.

Content's of Advanced Management of IT Projects

  1. Best Practices in Project Management
    1. PMBOK® Guide
    2. PRINCE2®
  2. Integration
    1. Iniciation
      1. Business Case, Output and Outcome
      2. Formal start of the project
    2. Planning
      1. Identification of Requirements (Business Analisis)
      2. Planning of management and planning of execution.
      3. Reference base lines
    3. Execution
      1. Managing execution, day to day of the project manager
      2. Datasheets and records
      3. Recording and management of issues
      4. Recording and management of changes
      5. Product datasheet and management of configuration
    4. Monitoring and Control
      1. Levels of control and scaling: Project, Phase and Package of work
      2. Tolerances
    5. Closure
      1. Closure of a phase and closure of the project
      2. Delivery of products and associated documentation
      3. Delivery of the project and associated documentation
      4. Early closure
  3. Budgets and Estimations
    1. Estimations and budgets
    2. Objectives to achieve
    3. How the affect the project
    4. How and when to estimate
    5. Time = Money
    6. Techniques used
    7. Lifecycle of estimations
    8. Feedback of the method
  4. Quality
    1. Quality in the product and quality in the process
    2. Process improvement plan
    3. Planning of quality
    4. Quality control
    5. Quality assurance
    6. Quality based on products
  5. Communication
    1. Communication at three levels
    2. Formal and informal communication
    3. Project situation reports
    4. Earned Value Management
  6. Risks
    1. Planning risk management. When and how
    2. Identifying risks. Methods and Description of the risk
    3. Qualitative analysis of risks. Graphical representation
    4. Quantitative analysis of risks. Overall risk. Techniques
    5. Planning responses to risks. How to identify responses
    6. Monitoring and control of risks. Learning from experience
  7. Acquisitions
    1. Outsourcing part of the project
    2. Objectives
    3. Types of relationship and contract
    4. Selection criteria
    5. Types of work
    6. Monitoring and control



All students who successfully complete the course will receive an attendance certification issued by netmind. For attending this course, 24 Project Management Institute PDUs are granted.

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