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Sourcing Governance Foundation

Sourcing Governance Foundation

The objective of this course is to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary for efficiently managing the relationship with their suppliers based on the needs of the operations and/or objectives of the organisation, as well as for defining an appropriate management policy for supply and demand.


Upon completion of the course, students will:

  • Know the different modalities of outsourcing.
  • Understand the lifecycle of outsourcing.
  • Select the outsourcing modality most suitable for their needs.
  • Define an efficient client-supplier relationship framework.
  • Negotiate a contract effectively.
  • Manage contracts based on agreed service levels.
  • Implement a management model for supply and demand.


Student profile

Professionals from technical departments, Project Managers, ICT Service Managers and generally all ICT professionals who need to optimise their management skills for relationships with suppliers.


It is necessary for students to have professional experience in Information Systems Departments or ICT companies, allowing them to have a full overview of the use of IT in organisations.


We have a team of highly qualified instructors who combine the training activity with their professional activity as experts in the field of ICT. They are professionals certified by the main manufacturers of the sector, capable of conveying the most abstract technical concepts in an enjoyable, understandable way.


Each student will receive a copy of the official APMG International documentation.


All students who successfully complete the course will receive an attendance certification issued by netmind. Additionally, the course will prepare students for obtaining the Certified Outsourcing Specialist – Foundation Principles certification from the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP). Attending this course will grant 16 Project Management Institute PDUs.

Content's of Sourcing Governance Foundation

  1. Introduction
    • Purpose, objective and scope of the course
    • Key concepts
    • Lifecycle of oursourcing
  2. Outsourcing strategy
    • Outsourcing and business strategy
    • Evaluation of the opportunity for outsourcing
    • Outsourcing model advantages and risks
  3. Selection and contracting of suppliers
    • Prior financial and legal aspects
    • Contracting models
    • Business Cases and RFPs
    • Evaluation of Negotiation proposals with suppliers
  4. Management of outsourcing
    • Definition of the client-supplier model
    • Management of the transition
    • Operational management and levels of service
    • Management of contract termination
  5. Management of supply and demand
    • Demand IT management model (needs of the business)
    • Supply (IT departments)
    • Integrated supply and demand management model

Certificate of attendance

Certificate of attendance will be issued only to students with an attendance exceeding 75% and Diploma exploitation if they also pass the test.

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