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Netmind - PRINCE2® Foundation (2017)

PRINCE2® Foundation (2017)

PRINCE2® Foundation (2017)

This course provides participants with a solid foundation of PRINCE2®


At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the philosophy and structure of PRINCE2®
  • Understand the benefits that can be acquired from the implementation of a structured method of project management such as PRINCE2®
  • Know the principles, the themes and the PRINCE2® model
  • Learn to use PRINCE2® techniques
  • Identify the main roles and responsibilities in Project Management
  • Understand the importance of each of the activities in the implementation of the projects
  • Know what documentation should be created at the start of a project and how to do it
  • Identify the mechanisms for progress control
  • Know the method for Quality Management that PRINCE2® uses
  • Know how to apply the mechanisms for change control of PRINCE2®
  • Appreciate the importance of proper configuration management
  • Understand the risk management approach of PRINCE2®

Student profile

Suitable for anyone who needs more knowledge of the principles on which PRINCE2® is based, of its process model and its themes, as well as for those who wish to obtain the official certification of PRINCE2® Foundation.

Essential for those who have extensive knowledge in project management, want to know the most widely used method in the world and the reasons for its success and adoption.


Attendees should have some experience in team leadership and the basic principles of project management.


Our team of highly qualified instructors combine training activities with the development of their profession as experts in the field of IT. Professionals certified by the major manufacturers capable of transferring an enjoyable and easy to understand technical concepts more abstract.


Each student will receive a copy of the documentation developed by netmind. They will also receive the book “Managing successful projects with PRINCE2® 2017” from AXELOS.

Content's of PRINCE2® Foundation (2017)

1. PRINCE2® philosophy

1.1. What PRINCE2® is and what is not.

1.2. How PRINCE2® avoids the most frequent errors in projects and how it guarantees your success.

2. The structure of PRINCE2®

2.1. Relationship between processes, themes and principles of PRINCE2®

2.2. PRINCE2® high-level process map.

3. Start-up and organization of the project

3.1. PRINCE2® and the question «do we have a viable and worthwhile project?»

3.2. How PRINCE2® ensures that the right people get involved in the project with a set of clearly defined responsibilities.

4. Start of the project and the DIP

4.1. The PRINCE2® approach to the successful initiation of projects and the creation of the Project Start Documentation.

4.2. How the Project Manager will manage risks, quality, changes and communication. Define management strategies, their procedures and the documents that support them.

5. Planning and focus on the products

5.1. Plan to facilitate delegation, monitoring and control.

5.2. Project, phase and team plans.

5.3. Product-based planning technique.

6. Control mechanisms in projects

6.1. PRINCE2® control mechanisms that guarantee that the project generates the desired products, with the defined quality criteria and respecting the previously agreed schedule and cost.

6.2. Monitoring mechanisms that guarantee that the project remains at all times desirable, viable and achievable and always within the tolerance to the risk allowed.

6.3. Specific control mechanisms for the end of the phase and for the end of the project.

6.4. Relevant information for after the project.

7. PRINCE2® Foundation Exam

At the end of the last day of the course, attendees wishing to do it will take the PRINCE2® Foundation exam.


Continual evaluation based on group and individual activities. The faculty will give continuous feedback and at the end of the activities to each participant.

By attending this course, 24 PDUs of the Project Management Institute (PMI) ® are awarded.

Certificate of attendance

Certificate of attendance will be issued only to students with an attendance exceeding 75% and Diploma exploitation if they also pass the test.

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