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Devops Fundamentals + Workshop DevOps OpenSource

Devops Fundamentals + Workshop DevOps OpenSource

The workshop intends for attendees to acquire knowledge on DevOps fundamentals and to enable them to pass the official certification exam while learning to set up their own Developer + Operations (DevOps) integration environment making use of the main Open Source tools available on the market. In each topic there will be a general presentation of the tool and the objective of the practices of the topic, then students will carry out the practical part with the assistance of the workshop tutor.

The objective is for students to complete the workshop and obtain the official Devops Fundamentals de la Devops Agile Skill Association (DASA) certification and set up a virtual Devops environment which they have installed, configured and learned to use themselves, with which they will be able to continue working from home or which they can apply in the projects of their organisation the day after the workshop.



Upon completion of this workshop, students will:

  • Pass the official Devops Fundamentals certification exam from DASA
  • Prepare their own virtual environment for carrying out DevOps tasks
  • Analyse and improve an existing application
  • Deploy the application in an environment of continuous integration
  • Configure the versioning and generation of Releases of the application
  • Deploy the Release in the virtual environment
  • Configure the virtual environment through automated tools


Student profile

Students may bring their own equipment to carry out the practical tasks, or use one of those in the classroom


Students may bring their own equipment to carry out the practical tasks, or use one of those in the classroom.


We have a team of highly qualified instructors who combine training activity with their professional activity, as experts in the field of ICT. They are professionals certified by the main manufacturers of the sector, capable of conveying the most abstract technical concepts in an enjoyable and understandable way.


Each student will receive a copy of the Documentation in accordance with the course content, the set of practices of the workshop and the virtual environment which they can continue to work with from home, or apply in their organisation’s projects the day after the workshop.

Content's of Devops Fundamentals + Workshop DevOps OpenSource

DAY 1 / DAY 2: Preparation for the Devops Fundamentals exam


  1. Introduction


  1. Culture

2.1. DevOps Culture


  1. Organisation
    • Impact on the organisation


  1. Processses
    • Introduction to Agile


  1. Automation
    • Continuous Delivery
    • Cloud Computing


  1. Measurement and Improvement

    • Measurement of Agilidad vs. Estabilidad


  1. Certification Exam


DAY 3: Devops OpenSource Workshop


  1. General overview of the workshop

    • Guide
    • Tools to use
    • Implementation


  1. Infrastructure As a Code (IaaC) Virtual Environments

    • General overview of VirtualBox and Vagrant
    • Creation of virtual environments
    • Installation and configuration of Vagrant
    • General overview of Puppet
    • Deployment of Puppet configuration files


  1. Version Control (VC)
    • General overview of Git
    • Installation and configuration
    • Download of the initial application
    • Modifications and upload of changes


  1. Application Quality Analysis (QA)
    • General overview of Sonar, SonarQube and Sonarlint
    • Code coverage
    • Bugs
    • Technical queries


  1. Continuous Integration (CI)
    • General overview of Maven
    • Preparation of the application for work with Maven
    • General overview of Jenkins
    • Definition of Builds on Jenkins
    • Preparation of the Testing environment


Active and participative presential workshop. The tutor will introduce the content using a demonstrative method, the participants will assimilate the knowledge through practices with real applications.

During the course, we encourage mixed development-operation and technician-management teams to maximise cross learning and balancing of different visions.


Certificate of attendance

Certificate of attendance will be issued only to students with an attendance exceeding 75% and Diploma exploitation if they also pass the test.

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