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CompTIA A+

Certification CompTIA A+

This is the most renowned certification for support technicians, accrediting the necessary skills for installing and maintaining ICT infrastructure. Technicians certified as CompTIA A+ must also have an excellent service attitude, as well as good client communication skills. CompTIA A+ forms part of the certification itineraries for companies such as Microsoft, HP, Cisco and Novell, and companies such as Ricoh have established it as obligatory for all their support technicians.

There are over 700,000 people worldwide certified with CompTIA A+.

73. CompTIAFoundations training and certification itinerary

Information on the exam

  • Profile: Technical Support Specialist, Field Service Technician, IT Support Technician, IT Support Administrator
  • Exam format:
Nº of questions 90 questions
Type of questions Test type
Duration 90 minutes
Pass mark from 700/900
  • Languages: English, Spanish, German, French and Japanese (TBD)


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